Hi boys and girls.  I am decorate. – multipurpose flexible kids’ bag.
Like your favorite cake, am happy to be with you at every moment and
scene –sporting, hiking, attending extra schools, enjoying whatever you like.
Not only being lovely, many extra useful functions are available.
Always beside good boys and girl,
and will make them more fashionable and active.
New kids’ bag for good boys and girls. Yes, “decoráte”
5WOWs ofdecorate

Click the number.

1Rain cover attached

As a rain cover is in the outer cover of the bag, it is always ready for sudden rain. Easy and a little fun for children to take it out and Put it back.

2Handy clear pocket folder

Back of the outer cover is a clear pocket folder. Yes, you can put in the folder time schedule sheet, picture of your favorite characters and more.

3Soft and air breathing back panel

Meshed soft fabric panel is used for the back. You feel so comfortable for it is soft touched and moisture-free with air breathing meshing.

4Side zippers for capacity increase!

You can make more capacity by opening side zippers, and adjust the capacity depending on the size of contents.

5Safety and security oriented

Reflective material is used for both sides, outer cover and front strap(*1).
And, the front strap has D-shaped metal hook for personal safety alarm.

*1 Front strap is optional.